"Top Options" system - nice to meet


68.4% Cumul. Return
14.8% Max Drawdown
29 Num Trades
82.8% Win Trades
5.2 : 1 Profit Factor
100.0% Win Months

Not VIX Based Scam!
Real Options Play on my Top 300 Stocks list (my personal list).
Mostly Day trading ans my vision is to make best risk-return ratio (high SHARPE and profit factor)
and 100% winning months.

The payment will be $99 till 1.1.19 and then $199 for new subscribers.
I have special %20 discount till 1.1.19 for my friends here:

This coupon allows a new subscriber access to ‘Top Options’ at reduced price.
Instead of the standard price of $99.00 per month, user having this coupon will be charged $79.00 per month.

This reduced price will remain in effect for 6 billing transactions.

Your 5/3 TSLA trade threw 50% of your capital into an ATM call option on a stock that very easily could have been below that price the following day.

Then yesterday you averaged down 100% of your capital into a slightly OTM call on BIDU that expires Friday. Again, option could go to 0 or at least lose half its value very easily.

Also, what happened to your first system? Seems to have identical philosophy, except that crashed and burned almost immediately.

Be curious to hear what your risk management philosophy is. You seem to average down into trades, sometimes your entire account in one trade that could go to 0 very easily. I see you are a day trader but if BIDU or TSLA had not recovered or continued to move lower later in the day, what would you have done? Seems like a completely unsustainable martingale options system to me, but please prove me wrong.


Lol I love how the forum just debunks strat after strat yet people keep posting


In day trading option can go up and Down very quickly
It’s risky system and we learn from previous version how to make better gains vs risk.
Let’s check results in few months.
It’s easy to judge :man_judge: the system but we know what we doing
We talk again in late August.

And in day trading of options that cost $200 with high Delta it’s funny :grin: that you say it can go zero When we can go out in 15/20 loss

No one will be able to reproduce your results. Your trades merely earn the bid-ask spread and sometimes a few pennies more. Slippage and commissions will eat up any subscribers gains even if you can keep up the martingale.

Nice try though, this was something different than the usual approach to trick this community… :wink:


Your BIDU trade was over 100% of your account balance and was out of the money when you kept buying it. I’m glad you find easily blowing up your account to be humorous.


You are wrong. 5~10 dollars per option is your dream and everybody dream
It’s dollar not cent. I wonder if you ever trade options

All of the trading is with big options Vol. and mainly u don’t understand that then you have followers you recird your results as same as them. You can’t show better results. System always calculate the real price that they got…did you know that .?

You are more then welcome to introduce your trading so we learn from you too.
I hope you understand the meaning of high delta options. I am not sure :thinking: about this.

We use special case of daily low RSI and market imbalance to trade intra day options. We work to save our great 4-5 profit factor as our goal is to stay high then 3.

By the way with 83% win rate you can always control your way of risk

I don’t expect any sympathy from other people here, mainly due to lack of respect to new ideas and thinking. But I can’t stand lack of knowledge when somebody say you cant follow such system (wrong) and or thinks that high delta option can go zero so quiekly intra day

I disagree, From a quick glance his trades are quick but they are at the money options near expiration and pretty liquid (with small spreads I’m guessing). He may have gotten a penny or two extra from bid/ask but he is really banking on big moves in either direction. When he doesn’t get those he keeps averaging down until his entire account is locked up in one highly volatile trade.

So I do not believe this is a bid/ask scam, just a martingale system with options :star_struck:


You can find 2-3 high volume to trades but most trades risk less then 5% -10% total account

You can go high when you know what you doing
I don’t think it’s gambling and long term results will give you a clue

@DogZebra_Investing I wasn’t implying that he abuses the bid/ask Demo problem but that subscribers will not be able to achieve his results because of liquidity. Perhaps I didn’t articulate clearly. :slight_smile: I checked the order book and it doesn’t seem like this system could sustain a decent amount of subs with the insane leverage it uses sometimes. (Depending on the underlying of course.)
Anyways, lets wait and see how it goes.

@DrBerger I’m very skeptical but good luck nonetheless.

Timestamped. :popcorn:

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@DrBerger, I am looking at your system’s autotrade data…it seems your subs are NOT getting fills on the entry orders but are getting filled when you exit. Can you explain?

@AlgoSystems I think I see what you are talking about. There are a couple of people that subscribed on 10/29 perhaps after he opened those trades on 10/29. I would bet whoever started autotrading that day or the next day joined the trades in progress. Since they joined after the open signal C2 probably doesn’t count their opening fills into the calculation, but since they were already autotrading when the close came through they are included. Just a guess.


@JohnSnow2019, thanks …lets see if the next trades look correct. There is a concern that maybe the buy orders could not be filled at that price due to lack of liquidity for that contract. But lets see over time.

Good point. That could be it too.

wow and wow, when there is no paying subscribers, he can use 120 contracts but when there is paying subscribers, the transaction was only 5 contracts. Just wondering how much leverage / margin requirement to perform those trades? Market must be totally different when there is a paying subscribers.

There is differences…thats why this strategy may not be able to replicate its performance using real trades since liquidity may become a factor.

Obviously @DrBerger, has a great theoretical model which may not work in live markets. We shall see if it can still replicate its trade record once he actually has subs autotrading.

Is it margin restrain from c2 or he just don’t want to have a large drawdown after getting subs?

To make quick bucks on c2 is the same old play book. Use 1 of the 3 ways to get xxxx% gain in first 2-3 months. Once you get a subscriber go slow and steady. The big cumulative gain % will keep getting you subscribers, And now with low drawdown to keep them paying the fee in hoping that they will get that xxxx% gain months soon. Prime example is waverunner and other 20 strategies that used the same playbook.

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