Torus - Beautiful System

I looked at Torus, and its a beautiful system. I know the gist of what is being done underneath. The system designer will be extremely wealthy soon, the only constraints are liquidity and market conditions (volatility). I’m surprised this system has been made public. All the system creator needed to do was save some money and implement in his own account. The reason I’m positive about this system is I’ve thought of it myself a few years back.


the equity curve will end up looking something like this. Notice the plateaus… (volatility low)…


I am not a specialist in futures trading, but with 10k account is it possible to sell 5 lots of TFS with maintenance margin of 5400$ each?

Day trading margins are much lower = $500 .

the numbers look good not because of the greater than 300 percent return, but how much its able to pull out of the market. The system takes a position, looks to see if its right and reverses based on a intrinsic signal within the system. And then closes out the position at profit and tries to remain flat till next signal for entry. Ideally if its starting out with those many contracts, you would need atleast 100K in the account. So 30K appreciation on 100K is only 30%. The stop losses are creating a drawdown about 11%.

And actually if it will be a system with 100K account, I (as a potential subscriber) will be less skeptical. When I see hundreds of %s during short period, it means for me that high-risks are involved. I’ve read an article long time ago that the system with positive expected returns can lose all money with high leverage. So I don’t believe in systems with hundreds %s per month/year on 10k accounts. Long term they’ll lost money.

Hi Chris (Krishna),
Could you please tell us what your motives are in promoting this system? Since you are so enthusiastic about it you surly want to subscribe to it and if so you would not want to dilute the liquidity by attracting too many subscribers to it. Am I missing something?

No motive just interesting how two minds came to similar concept. What you will find is a initial small downward spike and then a larger spike upward on equity curve.

end result of undercapitalization or poor signal generation.