TOS and Interactive Brokers/Dukascopy

Is there any possibility of Interactive Brokers or Dukascopy being added to the list of Trade-Own-System brokers anytime in the future?

Have been trading with IB for 3 years and am comfortable with their costs/slip, despite sometimes questionable fills on size using resting OCA’s/Bracket Orders

Also, with Dukascopy you can open positions in opposing directions on the same instrument at the same time. How does C2 handle this. Is it possible for a C2 to separate 2 trade signals(either same or opposing direction) from a single system in the same instrument, or does it Net them?



Dear A,

Gen3 Interactive Brokers will able available soon for futures, options, and stock. As soon as it is ready, we will let the C2 community know.

As for Dukascopy, I have not seen them express interest yet. You are welcome to provide Dukascopy with our website and if they are interested, they are encouraged to contact us via the info at collective2 dot com email address.

C2’s performance reports separate which trades are associated with each system, but the brokerage firm are the ones that are not aware of which system is associated to which trades. For example, if a trader is AutoTrading two similar FX systems (trade same pairs) in one brokerage account, the brokerage firm will use the First In, First Out method.

- Melissa