TOS: Trade your own system

How is that someone can not trade their own system with C2?

I know that you can manually input your trades in but why not just connect it to the broker? Are they paper trading while running C2? It just strikes me as odd that several strategies i’ve seen don’t have TOS certifications.

Does anyone have experience using this non-certified TOS systems? How was your experiences?

Two answers… one is many systems here are designed to extract monthly fees by executing Martingale systems. They don’t trade there own accounts - at all- with these systems. For explanation read thru any thread in the forum that references martingale. They can wipe out an account in a few months.

Any system not doing ToS should be avoided IMO. There should be no reason, no excuse, not to set ToS up. It does cost $100 a month for a system developer to be ToS, that’s the auto-trading fee. But it’s simple to set up, simple to move money into a supported broker, and is the best evidence, along with trading record, that a system is trading responsibly and for the benefit of system developer AND subscribers.

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TOS appears easy to manipulate - example: system provider starts a C2 account which requires just a 5K start balance, and funds/trades their own C2 account with 5K as TOS. The same system provider may also have 100K stashed away trading other systems in other brokers…we have no idea what % of their total capital is at risk,therefore although better than nothing it should not be used as fail safe…

Not sure how that can be considered “manipulation”. As a subscriber, I’m basically looking at two factors: System performance & whether it’s TOS cert’d @ minimum 100%. Other than that, who cares how much trading capital elsewhere a developer has. Quite frankly, i don’t think that’s anybody’s business but the developer’s. If the system performs well within a reasonable risk tolerance and he/she has risk on the table along wither eveyone else, the developer could have a hundred dollars or $100 million dollars. Doesn’t make a difference to me.


I am a developer and I don’t have TOS, but I don’t think it is a problem.
Because my own trading is a lot more risky. I trade weekly options and futures.
If I put a weekly options or a futures system of mine, it would have big swing and big drawdown, with big win. It would scare many people here at C2. But I never trade stocks, it is not my favor.
So I need to trade paper account for stocks(ETFs).
The purpose of my paper trading ETFs is to study ETFs market behavior and then(if my experiment is successful) trade weekly options on them.
While my options trades is not suited for C2 users, my ETFs system is, as long as it is low risk and high reward.
So only thing you need to check is the system’s max drawdown and profit level.

Check out my system: it has low drawdown and big win, and it is free for now.