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Have’nt started posting trades yet, therefore I do not know how everything works. But, I kind of like the idea of a subscriber at his screen with his broker’s order entry platform up, and I post a trade on C2, and a C2 flag pops up on the subscriber’s screen with audio alert, and the popup says “buy XYZ at 22.35” (or at market price), and shows the time the order was placed at C2. That way C2 can be minimized out of the way, and the subscriber would need only enter the info from the pop up flag onto his broker’s order entry. Would be faster too if the stock symbol on the C2 pop up flag could copy and paste into the broker’s order entry platform. If it can work like that the stock symbol should be placed seperately and above the other information on the pop up flag, to make copying the stock symbol quick and easy.

Needless to say, C2 can’t be timing out during the trading day.

This is already happening with ITM. Copy and paste is just not practical. Each broker have a different format for entering trades.

- Fanus

Fanus, do you know of a broker where you can’t paste a stock symbol into the little window that says “symbol”? I paste stock symbols into my broker’s trading platform, DAS Trader Pro.

Right. Pretty much 90% of what you have asked for is currently available in the Instant Trade Messenger (ITM) feature. - MK

I’ll lob in a previously-made request here to add a link in the “Subscribed to” section on the left panel that brings up all ITM windows at once instead of having to navigate to each system’s page and bring them up individually. It would save time for people subscribed to multiple systems, especially when switching between computers during the day, having to restart when the ITM windows die (happens occasionally), etc.

I am not sure how copy and paste of a symbol is saving time.

In general stock symbols are 1 to 4 characters.

To copy and paste require the following key strokes:

- Select symbol with mouse: 1 mouse “click”

- Ctrl+C to copy: 2 key strokes

- Alt+Tab to activate your broker’s page: 2 keystrokes

- Click on symbol field in broker: 1 mouse click

- Ctrl+V to paste: 2 key strokes

To enter manually:

- Click on symbol field of broker: 1 mouse click

- Enter Symbol: 1 to 4 keystrokes.

Best Regards

- Fanus

Some users may prefer copy and paste of symbols because they cant afford to make mistakes in typing the stock symbols into their brokers order entry screen (real money is on the line).

Mistakes do happen and could prove to be quite costly.


Yes, but the request was “for speed and convenience”, not for accuracy.


- Fanus

PS: You know you don’t HAVE to post in each thread?