Trade Your Own System

I am fairly new to Collective2 and have some questions/need advice from more experienced strategy managers. I setup my first strategy 4-5 months ago (Evolutionary Trading) which is a copy of the trades I make in my own account. It seems to me that strategies that are flagged as TOS are more desirable than ones that are not TOS so figured I should certify my strategy as TOC.

The majority of my trades are in my Merrill account which does not seem to be supported with TOS so I transferred some $ out of that broker and into my IB account and went through the Certified TOC process. Based on the information I could find on the TOC program it did not looks there are additional fees. I subscribed to my own strategy (no charge) and then chose AutoTrade and was surprised when I was charged 49$ for AutoTrade. Did I do something wrong or does TOS cost an extra $50 a month? If so that seem expensive and not worth the extra monthly cost or I am doing this all wrong? Anyone have a link to how to set this up without extra monthly cost? Is the program worth the cost?

Thanks for the help/advice!

You have to use Broker Transmit its free.

Thanks Fabi! Looks like I would have to upgrade to the Premium plan to get access to Broker Transmit so i guess I won’t do TOS until my strategy gets a bit more love but thank you for letting me know.