Tradebullet, Trader68 or other autotrading app?

Trader68 is not connecting with C2 and

Tradebullet is continuously restarting/exiting my InteractiveBroker’s TWS.

I tried several options but abovementioned problems are unfortunately persistent

I don’t know if other people experiencing the same problems.

I tried to setup my test/paperaccount.

I’m getting 2 error messages:

"Broker connnection test failed: Timed out launching IB Trader Workstation from … "

"Could not get systems to trader from signal generator "

I’m running:

OS: MS Windows XP service pack3

Broker: InteractiveBrokers TWS

Strategy: "Topaz"

Need help.



Hello Melvin,

We exchanged a few emails directly about the various issues you’ve experienced with Trader68 and I would like to re-iterate that I believe you are having some sort of Internet connectivity issues OR you have a firewall that is blocking these applications from functioning appropriately.

Trader68 connects to Collective2 through a specific port that is basically the same as navigating to a webpage in a browser. So if you have an firewall installed I would make sure that Trader68 has the necessary permissions to be able to communicate through it. If you do not have a third party firewall installed I would check the settings in the Windows Firewall to ensure that Trader68 is not one of the blocked applications.

This Microsoft article about the Windows Firewall can help if you are not familiar with how to adjust its settings:

If I can be of any further assistance with questions regarding Trader68 please either post in the Trader68 forum or email us directly at




I had problems yesterday with TB/IB. Something turned off my C2 connection on my TB settings so I did not get any fills untill I discovered the problem. I heard from other people that they had problems too. When I inquired with Francis he initially thought it was caused by C2 sending packages to Trader68 which were too large for it to handle and efforts to adjust that might have caused problems also with TB but later he withdrew that statement - cause unknown.

Today I had a different problem: One of the systems I trade got its order size trippled and I got filled at 3 times the normal order size - luckily it worked in my favor and I closed it out quickly.

I just learned that the tripple fill was not a C2 or TB problem but was caused by the developer’s software due to internet interruptions on the east coast caused by ice storms.