TradeBullrt disconnect from C2

Can someone from TB or C2 tell me what caused the disconnection problems which have been going on for some time now,

I missed out on a profitable trade about 20 minutes ago and as I write this there is still a disconnect. I wonder how many more trades I will miss…

Same problem here. Tradebullet cannot connect to C2. Is there a server problem at C2, or Tradebullet? Tradebullet error log says:

2012-03-07 06:17:25:051 (2012-03-07 11:17 UTC) Sending logon to Collective2 for

2012-03-07 06:17:25:051 (2012-03-07 11:17 UTC) (Connection) Connecting to Collective2

2012-03-07 06:18:25:075 (2012-03-07 11:18 UTC) (Connection) Collective2 Logon request error: Can’t reach the C2 server (The operation has timed-out.)

Can you try again now and tell me if you have success?

Can we please get some information what caused the problem and how it can be avoided in the future.

We had a critical hardware failure last night and needed to transition to backup hardware. We did switch the hardware, but the transition somehow broke TradeBullet connectivity to the outside world. We do have alarms monitoring our TradeBullet servers, believe it or not – but unfortunately these alarms were not triggered because the TradeBullet servers were running just fine. It’s just that no one on the outside world could connect to them.

The obvious lesson here is that we must re-test TradeBullet connectivity the next time we have a 2AM hardware failure and need to transition from primary to secondary hardware.

I apologize. There’s really no excuse for this, and not much I can say, other than that I’m personally very sorry it caused a lot of people trouble.