Trades closing time is before opening time?

Trades closing time is before opening time???

3 Trades today gives error[LINKSYSTEM_45459968]

I confirm. I got same problems today. Looks like some collective2 clocks are not ok.[LINKSYSTEM_45919371]

One more trade closed with the same error

Than we should stop trading for now. I hope autotrading accounts do not suffer the same bug.[LINKSYSTEM_45919371]

Hi Mathew

Trade closing time is earlier than opening time

Today 8 Trades closed with this error so far.

Please correct immediately


Same thing happened to me. 6 trades that could have made 80+ pips profits closed showing losses. I hope they sort it out

Working on resolving this. Hope to have it fixed shortly.

Hi Mathew Thanks for the corrections.

But 2 More trades hit the profit target but still not corrected by you

Details below

AUDUSD opened (Long) at 1/4/10 3:41 Hit the profit target .9053, but At present it is shown as loss

CADJPY Opened (Long) at 1/4/10 1:59 Hit the profit target .8909, but at Present is is shown as loss

Please correct these trades also [LINKSYSTEM_45459968]

Hi Mathew

thanks for all corrections


Subbareddy Selvaraj[LINKSYSTEM_45459968]

Hi Mathew

Please correct the Equity chart also.

It shows incorrect draw down because of Yesterday problem of "trades closing time is before opening time".

I feel even the slippage factor also affected by this


Subbareddy Selvaraj[LINKSYSTEM_45459968]