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I know you have it, because I found it twice. The first time by accident, the second time after lots of searching. This time I lost patience. I’m talking about the page where you can choose to look at systems by type, i.e. futures, stocks etc. Could you please put that as a link on the left along with the best, worst, competitions etc so it is easier to find? Call it something like 'All systems’


A. Howes, VIVALDI Seasonal Trends

I think what you are probably looking for is the ‘advanced search’ feature. There’s a button on the home page (near ‘Find a trading system’) called ‘Switch to Advanced View’. Give that a try and let me know if that is what you are looking for.

Actually, this ‘Advanced Search’ has grown a bit long of tooth and I will be re-writing it from the ground up to make it a much more useful and powerful way to find trading systems. Probably within the next month or so.


Also Bad Fills On NYSE & AMEX Listed Stocks…

Hi Matthew:

Recently, I have got two bad fills when covering short positions on ACY and RIV.

The problem comes about because NYSE and AMEX listed stocks do not open at 9:30 AM in most cases. It can sometimes be well after 10PM when some of them open for trading. This is due to the specialist system still being used and order imbalances have to be worked out(matched)by the specialist before the stock opens.

When a market order is entered before the stock actually opens, your trading engine closes the position at the listed bid or ask posted before the stock opens for trading, and this is often a $.01bid/$99ask, and does not reflect the actual opening price in most cases.

You just have to remember that your trading engine works that way because a market order entered before the stock actually opens does not execute as a market order in the way it should work.

I don’t expect you to remedy this situation by making changes to your programming, but I would appreciate it if you would change the prices on two trades I have closed to reflect a more realistic closing price.

With ACY today it was showing $7.36 before it ever opened, whereas my 200 shares were closed at $99 for a nearly $19,000 loss on a small position short.

Further back in time, something similar happened when I closed a small short position on RIV, for about a $4000 loss.

A $23,000 hit is pretty substantial on two small trades, but again it goes back to the way trading engine works. Traders here should try to remember that NYSE and AMEX market orders, entered before the stock actually opens for trading…, do not execute as market orders when ever the stock opens for trading.

Thanks in advance for taking a look at these two trades and making the changes to more realistic closing prices.



Actually, the system has been designed to handle this. The software waits for the first trade to be reported for AMEX or NYSE before calculating fills. This allows for the delay in opening prices caused by teh specialist system.

So the problem you mention should not be happening. I will look into this and fix the problem. I will report back to you by email.