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Hello Matthew and Team,

I currently use the Matrix to enter trades manually on the ES. I’m looking to launch another strategy that trades the ES, but this one would be fully automated. So aside from entering trades manually using the Matrix on strategy “A”, i’m looking to have strategy “B” also trade the ES but fully automated using EasyLanguage.

Could this be done via the same platform or would i need two separate TradeStation platforms running?

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you can trade from the same platform.

TradeStation sends Matrix and strategy emails in different formats. So we recognize what is what from the email format.

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Hi Bob,

Thanks. I noticed in the TradeManager it uses a different SMTP server. one is and

Would that make a difference or no?


Actually, we pointed both to the same server over time.
Use any of them.

Ok great, thank you.


Can i automate a strategy with TradeStation using the “starter” or “basic” package?


Hi, UPTS - Yes, TradeStation is supported under the “Basic” plan (as are all third-party platforms that we support – e.g. NinjaTrader, MetaTrader, TradeStation).

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I have 5 legacy strategies… so i can add 1 to the basic plan and it wont affect my 5 legacy strategies?

That’s right. It will not affect your legacy strategies.

I purchased the starter plan but it linked to an old system i no longer use. How can i switch that to the new one i just created?

Kill the system. Then “unlink” (from manage strategies and plans screen)

But just to be clear, you need a Basic Plan (not a Starter) to use Tradestation.

Yes, i just upgraded to basic.

I automated my FX strategy but get this message…

error To support restrictions of our AutoTrade broker partners, C2
allows only 10 working stop orders per symbol. Too many stops orders for
symbol GBPJPY

Not sure why it’s doing that. Can you help?


You can only have ten working stop orders per symbol. Similarly, you can only have ten working limit orders per symbol.

I understand what it says, but the strategy doesnt have 10 stops orders. I’ll try to see why its doing that.