Trading 2 FX systems in same account

I currently subscribe to an FX trading system (FXprofisnipper), and my account page shows some trading systems "that can be traded in the same account"; and I was thinking of subscribing to another FX trading system (Zetatech Trading System). My concern is, I have read that in the US, one cannot have both long and short positions of the same security in the same account. This happened recently with the 2 systems I mentioned, on 1/6/12, where one had long and the other short positions on EUR/USD. Could you comment on what would happen in this case, and whether it would be preferable to open a second account for the 2nd FX systems? (Also if a long order simply cancels a short order, if they are placed at different prices, it could reduce profit.)[LINKSYSTEM_56830503]

Hi, James:

This is not an issue. You can use a single account to trade multiple systems.

C2 AutoTrading is “smart” enough to make sure that trades and positions are delivered to your broker account as offsets and aggregates. In other words, when System A is LONG 3 EUR and System B is SHORT 2 EUR, your account will be net LONG 1.

At the end of the day, when all the trades are done and unwound, your single combined account’s profit and loss will be exactly the same as if you had two separate accounts and added up the profits/losses from both.