Trading Leaders - Suggestion

Just wanted to suggest that the trading leaders are displayed and calculated based off a percentage gain rather than dollar amount.

For someone that trades a $500,000 virtual account and makes 10% is going to appear like they did better than someone who trades a $10,000 account and makes a 50% gain.

Fair point. They take into account subscription fee. We are running a $10,000 account, so our returns % would be different. to the bigger accounts,

Same here - I don’t think I would be competing with the top leaders but I think a percentage gives a more realistic view across all systems both large and small.

Just wanted to bump this up and see if there was any input other system developers or leaders of C2?

I have some vague plans to rework the trade leader board to make it a little more useful, interesting (and also optional). Not quite sure when I’ll get to it, though. There are a few other projects we’re close to releasing, and once those are pushed live, I’ll re-evaluate. Thanks for the bump.

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I agree Matt,

I am not sure it is really useful to see a leader board of simulated accounts. I would rather use the space for featuring good systems selected by C2 or other ideas.