Trading Rydex 2x NDX funds

I’m a newcomer to C2 and have a question re. whether there are any systems designed specifically for trading Rydex 2x NDX funds (i.e., RYVYX and RYVNX)? Any help would be most appreciated.

Hello Jim. All of my signals are designed to be end of day signals. To be traded on the open the next day. I am using Rydex with my own money to trade Conservative Growth, Ultimate Trader and the IWM signal on SMA.

If you would like sign up for a free 30 day trial I will then have your email address and send you some spread sheets showing you some back test returns. Back test are not indication of future results.

Rick Haines


Thanks, Richards, I’m interested. However, I’m so new to C2 that I have to determine how to locate your trading system(?). Once I do, I’ll provide you with my email address. Jim