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Trading Strategy "FUTURES CME-NYMEX"

Hi Alexey,

What observations would you make about your 5/12 - 5/14 trade? A lot of risk taken, and a large drawdown, on that one trade…

At this time, another trade was opened, which was in profit. This balanced the overall position. But when the balance was not in my favor, I decided to close the losing trade.
And after that, the second trade quickly went up.
Therefore, it is seen that equity quickly recovered.

Hi Alexey,

Thanks for your reply. Rather than comparing all active positions to assess the total drawdown - which I appreciate you pointing out - I was looking at the C2 chart of your strategy. As I scroll across the C2 chart it indicates an account equity of ~$70,704 on 4/29 and ~$53,206 on 5/14, a drawdown of ~($17,498). Yet, according to the system statistics above the chart, C2 reports a max drawdown during that same period of ($25,867), or 36.3% of account equity.

What is your understanding of the differences in these reported statistics, and what is your summary of intra-trade and closed trade drawdowns?


I used to at least understand why there is a difference in the display of data. But for me, the results are more important. For example, subscribers really do not like big drawdowns and stop-losses, even if they are made using the trading system. In this regard, I am adjusting my system for shorter drawdowns. Therefore, there may be more short stop losses. In general, my system makes money and I intend to continue my trading on c2.

After the complete failure of my strategies, I took a break.
Everything was connected with the desire to show high profitability.
The increased risk led to total losses.
Now I am back to active trading again.
My new strategy is
Now my trading is based on complete risk control.
I review my threads on Twitter.
If you are interested, see the pictures of trades on Twitter.

For every follower of my twitter account, I will send a free subscription coupon for one month.

$600 for a new strategy with no track record…?

why not, his records show great success.

I plan that the cost of the subscription will be 10-15% of the subscriber’s profit.

Today the first subscriber connected to my autotrading account and got the first profit.
Not much, but a profit.
Trade - entry into the long after the reversal.
Exit - too early, but with a profit. It is better than too late and with a loss.
Attached is a picture of the trade.
All pictures of trades can be found on my Twitter -

I made the subscription cost $5.
This is so that you can set up a paper trade with your risk parameters and test my strategy online.
In addition, I guarantee everyone who subscribes to my strategy for $5 until 12/31/2020 to keep the $5 subscription price until 04/31/2021 (for 3 months of 2021) on a personal coupon.

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