TRIANASCALPER exeeds min Cap?

Does someone autotrade this strategy? I belive he is trading with more than the Suggested Minimum Cap.

I am trading it, no he is trading the minimum cap

Hello martingale.
19 contracts on 50k. 50% DD in 3 hours. No TOS. My goodness. Hope you can afford to lose most/all of it. Good luck.


In a way, I miss watching these incredible return strategies! lol…:popcorn:.


How did you determine this?

Download the CSV file of history - sort for largest DD. Check it out, then zoom in on the graph.
Or just look at the graph for drawdowns and zoom in, also works:

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Neat… thanks very much!

And, boy, does this ever provide some perspective! I’ve heard of averaging down, but this is significant…

It never ceases to amaze me at how a strategy that shows a few hundred percent cumulative gain per year but having been around a short time can easily draw in subs.

This already see more than 10 autotraded accounts for this strategy! :popcorn:

Problem solved:
C2 stops day trading margin

Looks like Trianascalper has finally made a mistake with the averaging down philosophy. Its lost alot today. The method of averaging down and doubling down will blow up accounts eventually.

Averaging down and doubling down looks great most of the time but all it takes is just one bad day to blow away alot of the profits if not the entire account.

A pretty spectacular one day meltdown, especially when you consider the fact that there wasn’t really anything overly dramatic about the day’s price action. It looks like there were 26 subscribers trading real money on the day’s opening trade at 8:32 EST. By the day’s final trade at 14:59 EST there were only 9 subscribers trading real money on the final closing trade.

I hope that isn’t an indication that those subscribers blew out their accounts and got a margin call earlier in the day.


It also looks like some of the followers were trading 4-5 times the size of the leaders account. That would equate to a $100-125k loss today if they followed all day long.

Not a good day, this kind of thing has to hurt C2 in the long run.

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@QuantAutoTrader, you could be right and/or the subs decided to turn off the autotrade before it blew their accounts…lol. They could also have set their max trade size in order to limit the losses.

Either way, this is a very high risk strategy that require constant supervision.

A suggestion for any strategy subsribed is to somehow set a max size traded or a max drawdown if possible. I personally have had severe losses from traders that lost control.

Gone private now? This is such a bad C2 feature to allow strategies to go private once it has subs.

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I don’t think it’s fair for c2 to allow developers to hide or reset their previous failure after numbers of real subscriber losing thousands of $.

Since this went private, was this a future trading strategy? How much was it down? Its a scalping strategy how much can you lose on a day like today, market wasn’t down much.

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I’m not surprised that TRIANASCALPER is having problems. It shows both of the risk factors for failure or major problems: a higher than 79% win rate and a very low ratio of average win $$ to average loss $$.

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TRIANASCALPER is not Private anymore. After the $24k loss the other day, he still has 17 autotraders and a new subscriber today.

The strategy followers apparently have a very high tolerance for single day drawdowns. Pretty amazing and somewhat educational regarding what some of the C2 subscriber base is looking for and willing to accept.

Glad to see it is no longer private.

Yeah but the point is that why should the trade leader go private when things go sour?

The person should face the music since the trade leader over leverages and doesn’t use stop levels. This wasn’t even a bad down period. If it were like earlier on this year it would have shutdown now…lol

This ability to go private with subs does not make sense.

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Dr Martin Gale was proud of this strategy making a come back. Or tries to.