Turning off Auto-Sync messages

Hi I would like to turn off email notifications for one system (Permanent Future) because the system keeps trying to buy a security that won’t go through (not sure why, it’s Kraft Foods, symbol KFT, also IYLD).

Is it possible to turn off email Autosync warnings just for one system? Thank you.

I have noticed it sort of works…you can go to Edit Account Info under My Account in the menu, then near the bottom of that page, click “Manage Trade signal Emails”.

at the bottom of next page there is:

"Stop sending signal emails from specific systems?"

The part that doesn’t completely work is (and that’s why I’m posting) …

if you have a “Alternate email for new signals” (near top of that page)

despite the “Stop sending signal emails from specific systems?” setting. you will continue to receive mails to the mail specified as an alternate.

Also, I would offer a suggestion to add a feature to turn off only Stop notifictions. For example, the Samurai Forex Auto trade system generates a lot of stops that are constanly updated. In this case, it would be nice only to have the the fills emailed.

Dear Janice,

We feel that any notification that deals directly with the status your live brokerage account should not be turned off or ignored. For this reason, Autotrading email notifications cannot be disabled. I understand that there may be instances where you already know the info mentioned in the email, but its not worth the chance of missing one important email pertaining to your brokerage account.

As other posts mentioned, you can stop the trading signal email notifications for Autotrading systems. If that helps with amount of emails arriving in your inbox, then that is definitely an option you can exercise.

Thank you for your understanding.

- Melissa

Thanks, but I have asked Help several times to investigate these messages. They are for the same two securities (IYLD and KFT) and those securities are already in my account. I don’t want dozens of notification emails arriving that I shouldn’t be worried about. Thanks for looking into it.

Hi Janice,

We’re looking into this. Melissa or Alen will contact you soon.


Dear Janice,

I was able to obtain more information regarding your inquiry.

KFT and IYLD are open positions in the system called Permanent Future Fund, but they are not open in your live account because MB Trading does not allow trading in those stocks at this time. Since they are open system positions, the Autotrading server’s job is to try to open them to Sync your account. This is why you are receiving those order rejection emails.

- Melissa

I don’t know what the deal is with IYLD but KFT is no longer a valid symbol.