Typical Commissions vs xyz Broker Commissions


I have an issue with the commissions calculation of my strategy IBD Tiger:

I trade stock only so the commissions are:

0.010 $ per share for Typical Broker Commission
0.005 $ per share for Interactive Brokers Commission

So I would say, that the result should be better with IB.

But actualy my profits drop by nearly 50% when I use Interactive Brokers Commissions vs. Typical Broker Commissions?

Why is this?

The user-selectable “IB Commissions” rate attempt to show results using the “C2 Preferred” AutoTrading model – and so this includes the flat all-you-can-eat $99 / month AutoTrading fee.

It’s true that a single $99/month fee could be used to trade multiple systems, but regulators require that we show the full $99 per month within the system results for any one system.

Hi Matthew,

thanks for your explanation. I have read all other post regarding the C2 Commissions calculation and I know that the $ 99 fee is included. But is for the “Typical Commissions” to, isn’t it?

If yes, I don’t understand the performance results because IB Commissions for stocks are just half of the Typical Brokers Commissions.


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I see the exact same problem, something just isn’t right. Also it would really help if people could choose no commissions and/or choose no fees. This is because there are some systems that have gone into negative territory and the argument is that without fees etc it would never have gone negative. We would like to be able to confirm that. In any case any system that goes negative should immediately be frozen and marked as Dead.