Typical v IB fees

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I found this strange, when I change my strategy Typical to IB fees the percentage gains increase. Doing the same thing with Conservprofit they decrease. Is this a flaw ? or something to do with Futures vs Forex ?

IB has a fixed minimum commission of $2 per forex trade.
You pay $2 whether you trade 1 lot or a smaller size (over 1 lot, the commission becomes larger than the minimum).

ConservProfit does 2 minilots (0.2 lot) per trade. With IB you pay $2 on each such trade.

Many forex brokers do not have minimum fee per a trade, or in some cases any comission at all, apart from the spread.

Their spreads will normally be larger than IB’s though, so it pays off to trade forex with IB if you do at least 1 lot per trade. Or, in the case of ConservProfit, if you trade that strategy with 500% scaling.

Is this means, when follow forex strategy, for example: Conservprofit, let say the followers are enter and exit at the same price and the system shows, the developer make profit, it does not mean followers who use Gain Capital brokerage are not making profit because of the spread?
I saw many times, FXCM and IB broker get filled almost the same like the developer but not for Gain Capital.

I am not familiar with the spreads of Gain Capital. In general you can of course expect lower profits when spreads or commissions are high.

How important it is, depends on the system. Systems that trade often or aim for smaller targets will be more sensitive to transaction costs.

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For all US Forex accounts the NFA has determined the maximum leverage for all contracts. This will vary from contract to contract. For most majors it will be 33:1 to 50:1, and for minors from 5:1 up to 20:1. It’s important to remember increasing leverage increases risk. You can review all of the current margin percentages on our website through the following link: https://www.forex.com/en-us/support/margin-requirements


An introducing broker is an agent through whom you open the account. Many are compensated through an additional increase on the spreads. I know C2 charges a fee per trade, but that’s something you will need to speak with your broker about to see what, if any, additional spread may be added.

Just spoke with the agents, hopefully can help for anyone who interested to open at this broker