Russell 2000 futures commission too high compare to IB

while the commission plus exchange fee for 1 contract russell 2000 futures is $1.1 with IB .
$2.2 for open and close 1 contract. but here with C2 it is $13.96, almost 7 times different.


I think that’s the case for most futures contracts. I believe that the C2 $13.96 rate should be reduced.

By the way, have you added the exchange fees in your calculation? I think for the Russell 2000 they are $1.32 round trip per contract.

I personally trade the E-minis at thinkorswim for $5.88 round trip per contract, including commission and exchange fees.

Matthew, would you please take a look at the default $13.96 futures contract rate per round trip. It may be time to reduce it to about $10.00 or so.


I think this $13.96 includes the system subscription fee to the subscriber. For example if your system charges $150 per month and trades around 20 contracts( signals ) per month, then each signal is $7.50 plus IB commissions etc…

No Biks - The $13.96 round-turn is based solely on a estimated commission cost. I’ll look into this when we revisit commission estimates in the next few months.

In that case, my broker charges a round turn of $4.50 / $5.00 ( mobile platform orders ) and yet my system shows charges of around $14.

We’re not showing your commissions. We’re just showing estimated commissions, generally, for a broad range of brokers.

On the Strategy Overview page there is a drop down just below “Statistics” (right side of the page) where you can change the commission calculation to reflect estimated commissions based on a specific broker. Interactive Brokers is included in the list.

Rod, that’s all well and good, however, when anyone looks at our futures systems, they see the default commission/fee rate of almost $14 for each contract.

As Matthew said, this needs to be reviewed.


Just change the default to IB commissions, that´s where most people trade anyways as soon as they become aware of their low commissions.

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Why do you trade Russel 2000 Futures? 1 tick is only $5 and also expensive commission?

I agree with Alexander, IB commissions should be the default, $14 dollars are way too much ( about 3x ), and makes a significant difference to the results. Although you can change from drop down, it reverts back to default after some time.

Currently my strategy ( PANJ ) shows + 20% gain with Typical and +27% with IB commissions ! Matthew these charges should be reviewed, $14 dollars is way too much !

I always thought it was the autotrade subscription that added the extra $9. Even $6 would be way too high compared to a group of brokers. For systems trading a high numbers of trades the difference in performance is signifficant…