Question about the Discrepancy between C2 Platform and IB futures Trading Fees

Hi everyone,

I have a question about the commission fee for futures trading on IB that I’d like to ask: For MNQ trading, IB’s official tiered pricing is $0.62 per contract for up to 1000 contracts per month (including $0.25 commission fee, $0.35 exchange fee, and $0.02 regulatory fee). For over 20,000 contracts per month, it’s priced at $0.47 per contract ($0.1 + $0.35 + $0.02). However, when C2 calculates returns for strategies, it uses a fee of $0.47 per contract (I assume this is based on a monthly trading volume of over 20,000 contracts). These two different fees can result in a profit difference of several hundred dollars. I’d like to ask:

  1. Is there any way to enjoy the $0.47 fee rate when trading a smaller volume, for example, 1000-2000 contracts per month?
  2. If there’s no way to get a discounted rate, is C2’s calculation method unreasonable?

Thank you.