Unable to get API key from Configure key button

I recently joined C2 in hope of getting up and running, paid the trader fees but it’s been 1+ weeks and I have still not received the key. Is collectiv2 tech always broken? How does the API perform in real trading? Is the support always this bad?

Collective2 API Documentation - version 3

clearly says how to get it

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Yes, I read the documentation, but the functionality is broken for my account.


Just spins and goes back to the general tab.

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It might be a web browser issue for whatever browser you are using (or you might be blocking pop-ups). I just used [current version of] Opera with Ads and Trackers blocked. After clicking the screen you show, I was able to get all of the way through the process. Then next screen [after the one you show] displayed a pop-up which asked me for my password

then the next screen showed this

then after clicking the “Request API Key” button I got this screen which included the API key [which for security is no longer showing in the image]

If you can’t solve the issue (and have not already contacted C2), I expect you can call the number displayed on the following webpage (or enter a message) to get further support:

Hey, TradesAG -

It definitely seems like we broke something here. We’ll get this fixed and reach out to you personally as soon as we’ve done so.

I’m sorry for this hassle.

Thanks, everything is resolved now.