Unable to get out of position

I was one of the first users here a long, long time ago. I finally left because the trade engine was just not up to pair. After 6-7 years I have just came back and after only testing the platform for 2 days, I already have ran into the same problem. I simply can’t get out of the position. ND futures, the market order just sitting there for 20 minutes or so.
I tried limit orders, I get the message that it is marketable, and when I press Submit it just sits there.

I mean come on Matthew. I like the new look, the features, but if the engine doesn’t execute, the whole bells and whistles are worthless.

Does this happen often or did I just get unlucky? Do I have to wait another 6 years before the website runs smoothly???

I think it would work if you used a symbol that had actual trading volume. There has been zero volume on that symbol since you opened the position, so we can’t simulate a fill on it.

I’ll close it for you, but what I suggest is that you use the Nasadaq mini contract (@NQ … not @ND) and you won’t have any issues.


OK, that explains. Thanks, I will switch to the mini.

Also, I keep getting email notifications, although I turn it off. Maybe because my account is very old, but I would prefer not to get any trading notifications…

Another idea maybe a Flatten all positions button would be nice…