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Up 200%, 25% dd in less than 1 month


I am most comfortbable trading crude


Is this an announcement of success or a sorry statement for big drawdown in less than a month?


Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, awesome response


This is hilarious. I’m normally not for taunting people and being the negative Nancy, but this is hilarious, sinfully hilarious.


Dear trade leader of alpha hedge, i hope it is your ignorance that made you start this thread and hope you will learn from it for your own good


Since you are really comfortable with Crude, why not trade the regular CL instead of the mini Crude…I think you will do a lot better.


All you nay sayers please hold your horses. Apparently C2 shows a huge trading loss which in reality never took place, at least not in my or any other subscriber’s account. I subscribed to this system on 11/1 and presently show a gain over 7K and would have made more if I had not tried to micro manage some of his trades.

I certainly do not want to advertise any system here but anyone who qualifies for topstep trading like this and one other developer on C2 deserves my full attention and hope they will stay with C2 for a long time.


I see. Good on you for telling us.
I did find it curious, because I didn’t see Crude futures going up to 62. But I also didn’t know what else he had in that portfolio of his. Be curious what the error was.

Lets hope the 200% gain in a month is standard…


I think it’s because of QMK9 (may 2019) he is trading which have a daily volume of around… 1. It used an old settlement value from early this week of 62 on this trade.


Hope so. The trade leader in one post elsewhere claimed to keep dd to 5%, then at 10% and now boasting about 200% with 25%dd after just a month - comeon we all know how this will end up. who will trust such a system? At least common sense should prevail!





Not only do I not want to promote any systems here I also do not want to induce anybody to follow a system I subscribe to. Whenever I subscribe to a new promising system, which BTW most of the time is offered free to me, I monitor it closely and step in to micro manage it when necessary. For example, when it became clear that Alpha Hedge here on C2 does not trade the same way as in his Top Step account I am especially careful. For example, presently he is short 7 Brent Crude contracts, way to much for me, especially over the weekend, I have reduced it to just 1 contract. So far I always missed some profits with my micro management but better safe than sorry. As mentioned before, the big loss C2 shows of over 7K with 2 Mini Crude contracts never took place in any life account.


Just to be clear and not being accused of claiming to get out of positions after the fact, I just closed out my remaining position of 1 short Brent Crude @ 67.29 and stopped trading Alpha Hedge for the time being after it became pretty clear that he is not following on C2 the trading he is doing in his Topstep account. I cannot imagine that Topstep would allow him to take such large risk with their money. I made a little bit less than 7K to this point and might leave it at that unless I see him returning to more normal position sizing.


The most common I have seen in years, the longer period you subscribe any models, the DD becomes higher than the first time you subscribe that model. In only 2 months, this model has DD 66%, please wait longer time ,what would be the highest DD in this strategy.
Most subscribers will subscribe any model when it has highest performance. The highest model in here was $30k n now become $20k. Amazing performance.


Well, here we go again: By micromanaging his system and not following it 100% I lost out on over 26K in profit. As I explained earlier, the 66% dd as shown on C2 never took place in a live trading account.

Still, I think it was the right decision at the time. Unless he had some inside information about some very large sitting sell orders (and some people do) it was a gamble in my opinion and could have gone the other way. Right now he is long in oil, again with a huge size, I am following him again but limit the size to just one contract with stop in place.


$20k shorting on $450k Brent futures. Love it! Risking everything on a 4% move.


“Plunged” ! Funded Top****trader huh!


At one point he was shorting $1.2MM or 22 contracts on $20k acct balance.

It’s EPIK!


Its sad that some subs lost alot of money. Passing the combine doesn’t mean much since traders can fail at any point (even after passing a combine) but I doubt this system was under combine rules because it doesn’t allow for 22 contracts unless account size is large.

The trader must’ve failed before (or who knows if he even passed) thats why he decided to put up his strategy here. The reason probably was because the trader was not disciplined as shown by his trading huge contract sizes for a small account balance.

This is the case for trading with funny money. They can go crazy trying to make back their profits since its not their real money so they have nothing to lose.


Does not seem to be the case.

Farewell. Your name was an ominous foreboding of your systems ridiculous, but expected, performance.