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Newbie........ "Gold Digger"


Hi… I posted in another thread, but figured I should introduce myself; nice place ya’ll have here! My trading strategy is “Gold Digger”, it trades ES and NQ futures. It is NOT a “double down” strategy; it uses stop loss orders, and does take modest losses. We destroyed the NQ this week for almost 10K trading a single position. In what I view as “normal” market conditions; I trade 2, sometimes 3 contracts. In this wild week; I reduced the position size to 1, and widened the stops and targets. We’re just getting started, and hope to stick around for a while, Thanks for having me, Mark


in the month of Dec you lost around 23%. why was that ?


to be perfectly honest, I had some personnel issues throughout Dec and Jan, I missed many days and many winners. It’s easy to get disgusted when you miss a huge day on Tuesday;then take 2 losses Wednesday morning, and walk away.

I don’t believe in excuses, but you will see my trade frequency is way up this month. roughly 35 trades through Dec and Jan VS 21 already in Feb. I fully expect to win every month, if not every week, Hopefully, time will prove me out…Thank You for asking, Mark


also, I purposely started my account with only 10K, I have enough confidence in my trading and didn’t feel the need to “over fund”. It drew down 3700 trading 2 and 3 positions… if it were a 25K account, the draw down would have been a much lower percent… again, Thank You


A $3700 DD on $25k is 15% DD


which is far better than 37%… not sure why my overall DD is listed as 41.8?.. but whatever, I suppose I’m just out to prove that it can be done with 10K start up, I realize some may not be comfortable with that. my strategy is not one that busted out this week, I would never let that happen…lol


It certainly is better than 37%. You mentioned the DD on $25k would have been lower. You are correct and I was highlighting that fact.

Good day


Bro, >40% Drawdown in first 2 months. That’s nothing I would ever touch with a 20 foot pole, especially since future drawdowns will always be worse.
To be honest I can’t see you ever getting subscribers, but who knows with what some of these fools have subscribed to.

Good luck.


If your problems are behind you, perhaps a restart is in order. Your system has only begun and you will carry what may not be a representative draw down into the future. Or do you expect a repeat?


One of my concerns is that you had personal issues and you walked away. Personal issues aside when your dealing with peoples real money with paying subscribers you can not walk away. That’s scary.


most system creators here are only concerned about sub fees and building their ego.


But you risked over leveraging and would have avoided the two margin calls displayed for January by using a $25K account.


.[quote=“DogZebra_Investing, post:8, topic:11390”]
Bro, >40% Drawdown in first 2 months. That’s nothing I would ever touch with a 20 foot pole, especially since future drawdowns will always be worse.

To be honest I can’t see you ever getting subscribers

Bro… I’d be straight up ballin’ with a crystal ball like yours… even a genius like you knows % is relative to account size…as stated, I purposely set up at 10K… I’m up 150% since Tuesday, 100% in February, 59% in 10 weeks, see how that works? … please stay out of my thread…peace out


I held a pair into the close, and got a margin call… day trading margins are much smaller… they beat me to liquidating a position


walked away, because it wasn’t working with what I had going on… it’s behind me, I could have shut down and come back as a different user, nothing to hide, full disclosure… full speed ahead


everyone has draw down, but I expect nothing but success… as stated, I believe it can be done with 10K trading 2 contracts… others may feel better with a larger account… perhaps I should have made it 25K, oh well, no do overs lol


You lost 23% of the $10000 in the first month of trading which put you in a deep hole. Then even as the money disappeared you made things worse by trading more contracts, even 3 or 4 on a $6000 account, which is insane. A recommended balance to trade 2 of these e-minis is $10000, and here you are trading twice that on an account that is rapidly being halved. That explains it for me – it’s all in the record and not too hard to understand. On Feb. 2 each of your trades drew down over 19%, and again you were trading 3-4 contracts. That is very irresponsible trading, if you ask my opinion. And on Feb. 6 you again traded 3 contracts and that’s when the max drawdown was hit at 41% - you had $5700 left in the model account at that point, after commish and fees. I’m not sure why you are criticizing C2 – looks like a verified record to me.


I believe having my trades visible makes me a better trader


not sure why it has me down 4200, my lowest balance was 6390 according to my math (36.1% down)… I never recall 4 positions, unless it was a mistake… my chart is 600 dollars lower than my account accross the board… wish someone would fix it… it shows 5700 at the low and 15,300 at the high…reality is 15,900… not trying to sell anything, you are welcome to watch… if I set up at 25, 35, or 50K this would not be an issue… anyone else set up a model account with 10K? like I said, it’s my opinion that 10K is sufficient, im now bumping up on 16K, will continue to trade 1 or 2, and rarely 3 until 25K

and where did I criticize C2?


Okay, maybe “criticize” is the wrong word, but you seem to be calling the stats into question. Don’t forget the drawdowns and system equity quotes include commissions and fees.