Verification Badge


What I found is: you almost linked all the Verification Badge to the Fuel Matrix instead of its own trading system. :slight_smile:

Whoops. Actually, you’re half-right. The incorrect link was only found in the “example picture” that showed you what a Verification Badge looks like. The linkable HTML text that I provided to you, which you can use in your own web sites or emails, was linked correctly. (In other words, if you already started using your Verification Badge, you are okay; there’s no need to change anything.)

In any case, I have fixed the problem. Thanks for pointing it out.



my forex1 has a ranking of 1.85 out of ten. It seems very low as it is 85% win rate and profitable?

Let me take a look. It’s possible that there’s something strange going on. I’ll check the calculations and get back to you by private email. Thanks for the heads up!