Very risky / problematic FX Strategies

Yesterday, well before the end of the British elections, I reviewed a FX strategy because of its high lever in GBP trading. And subsequently, 2 of the strategies I subscribed to, fell dramatically because of this foreseeable risk.

In the future, I will rather trade again my own strategies.

@MatthiasStrohschne, If you have your own strategies I would suggest you trade on your own otherwise you will have to analyze and study the strategies you want to subscribe to in depth since you know your own risk tolerance.

Its better to study the strategies you subscribe to on sim before moving on to a real subscription and the rule is to wait for at least a 6 month history before subscribing especially when it comes to high leverage systems.

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The amount of leverage used by a lot of trade leaders here is down right frightening. Especially going into important binary events where the market reaction is unknown.

I don’t trade forex, but in my market timing strategy I sold half my UPRO position earlier this week because of the uncertainty about trade tariffs this weekend. I bought back in today when it was settled. It cost my subscribers about 1.5% in lost gains (they still made 1.5%) but could have have saved them 5-10% in losses if tariffs were imposed.

It seems everyone wants home runs and won’t take the odd sacrifice fly when it makes sense.