Vision Does Not Support C2 GEN3 for Options?

Steven Silver of Vision Financial informed me that Vision does NOT support C2 GEN3 auto trade for options.The C2 Compatible Brokers table suggests otherwise:

C2 may want to update the table or clarify.

Hi, Max:

There was a misunderstanding about the type of options. C2’s Gen3 AutoTrade supports stock and ETF options at Vision Financial. We don’t support options on futures. That was what Mr. Silver was referring to. I’ll change the C2 web site page to make this more clear. Thanks for letting me know. - MK

Thank you for clarifying, Matthew.

Is anybody out there trading a C2 options system using GEN3 with Vision Financial or MB Trading? Any observations about using these two brokers for this purpose would be appreciated.


MH - If you use the Grid to find the top six options systems, you will see about one autotrader for each system (on average). Each of these autotraders uses Gen3 with MB Trading. Two of these systems also display the total number of subscribers which is 10 for one system and 11 for the other.

In other words, most subscribers to options systems appear to trade manually. I subscribe to one of these systems and trade manually with Interactive Brokers.


Good point, well stated. Due to my day job, I am unable to place the day trades required by some systems and would thus require GEN3 autotrade. Thanks for the statistical breakdown for the Options systems.


Does anyone know if/when IB will use Gen3? I’m a non-US client. Thanks