Automatic trades not issued by me

I’ve noticed stranged things with my strategy on C2.
I trade futures on VIX with broker transmit (I have an IB account) and my strategy is TOS certified. I closed several positions last thursday and everything was fine. I had 2 futures left.
But very surprisingly last night, C2 initiated several trades on VIX futures after the market reopened for the week. I did not entered any on these trade on my broker account.
When I noticed that, I stopped the brokertransmit and I closed manually these trades. I contacted C2 to explain my surprise.
Just after having closed manually these trades, several new trades have been initiated and the brokertransmit remained stopped…
Hopefully I have no followers on this strategy as I just began it a few weeks ago but I cannot stay like that being afraid of automatic trades that would not reflect my strategy

Have you ever experienced similar problem with broker transmit? What may cause the problem and how to reverse it and cancel the false trades?

Please send an email to with all the details, including your account number, system id, and which specific trades you have questions about.

iAymeric - I see your help ticket. Let us look at your strategy and we’ll respond shortly.