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Wait, i can't choose the stock i want to trade? wtf

I’m new to this website and i know a couple of volatile stocks that I want to trade.
Strategies listed seem to be already pre-programmed with the stocks the authors want to use, that seems to be a part of the strategy.

However I want to trade my stock with my strategy. Wtf why can’t I do that?

oh i guess if you change it from investor to manager, after you pay 50 bucks a month, you can make your own strategy. But it’s super confusing because when I made the manager account, it let me make manual trade strategies, where instead of botting, i’d have to place every trade.

So wtf is this product? is it an actual automatic bot? or are there just humans punching in orders that are applied to anyone that is subscribed to a strategy?

Also how come this thing wants 50 dollars up front before i can even create a strategy? I wanna see that it even works before paying.

ugh it’s so unintuitive, frustrating and backwards!

I subscribed to some kind of a trial, and i still can’t do anything i want to do and i have no idea if it’s gonna start changing me in 2 weeks.

  1. You have a two-week trial. Log in to your account.

  2. When you go to your strategy ( you see this screen:

  1. Click “Enter trade”

  2. Enter the trade you want to make.

  3. Start building a track record.

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I imagine you’ve figured it all out by now. but in case you haven’t… the funds you see on the website are run by someone who is either putting in trades manually or via some form of automation. The idea is to leverage the work they’ve done to govern your own money. Once you’ve linked up a broker you can autotrade these funds and when they buy shares, you buy shares. when they sell you sell. etc. so if you can find a fund that is making 20% year over year… ideally, you can too. the cost is the subscription price the manager setup and the cost to use the collective2 site (and any broker fees with the company you pick to do the actual trades). you really want to own company XYZ you can go to said broker and buy some. If you want to build your own strategy … well that’s outside the scope of this response :slight_smile:

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