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What you can refer to this strategy is:

  1. What does a professional option trader trades.
  2. How does a professional option trader control the risk. Trading is risky. You may lose money.
  3. How does a professional option trader handle the loss.
  4. How does a professional option trader time the trading.

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Care to explain some of your other strategies, major draw-downs and losing strategies. Cannot make heads or tails to what you are exactly doing here? Looks like you have been gambling on 6-8 different strategies and then want to promote your best strategy? Interesting. What are your credentials. So, to Matt’s point on another thread: I can guarantee that more subscribers have been hurt with ‘free marketing’ and advertising with such directed and targeted ‘free trials’ and advertising. To make Collective2 better: seems a lot of discussion, the focus should be on putting legitimate, professional and sound subscribers with serious traders that have a long-term mindset. Honestly, we need to get rid of the individuals that come on here and have no clue what they are doing–and then get them exposure to subscribers that want hedge fund type of professional investors/subscribers. If you are a signal provider–I will tell you, what subscribers want and need is routine feedback, commentary weekly/even daily on the system you are subscribing, we need a name & face/communication–if you are serious about building a community and like-minded followers, you need to spend some serious time educating/communication/provide insight/support–build trust. The best newsletters-and signal providers–do this on a regular basis.


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