Watch list does not display

My watch list will not display even though it was selected

Huck -

Here’s what is happening. We no longer display “killed systems” as part of your Watch List. If a system developer “kills” his system, then it will not appear on the new dashboard page. That’s why it seems like many of the systems on your Watch List are “missing” – they’ve been filtered out because they are killed.

This behavior is a bit different than before. On the old dashboard, even killed systems appeared in your Watch List. But I think the new behavior makes more sense: there is no point in showing systems that are no longer supported by their owners, to which you cannot subscribe nor receive signals.


Matthew, I do not get any of my watch list systems. When I select systems to display, it shows that I have five watch list systems. I select this to be displayed along with systems that I am currently subscribed to. The dashboard still does not show my watch list selections. These systems are still currently running and have not been killed.

I see what happened. I went back to the old dashboard and my watch list was now entirely made up of systems that have been killed. The other live systems have been removed from my watch list. I will have to seek them out and add again.

The watch list is still not working properly. I can add some systems to the watch list and they show up once on the dashboard. However, once I leave and then come back, they have been removed.

I cannot keep DAY TRADE emini on the dashboard for more than one trip to the dashboard. Then It goes up in smoke, POOF.

It isn’t 100% clear to me exactly how you added the system “Day Trade Emini” to your watch list. But I do see it is on your Watch List – in the sense that it is marked this way inside our database. But I think the problem is that you have not explicitly made it visible on your Dashboard. Below is a screen shot showing you what to do. (Click the GEAR icon, then mark the checkbox of the system you want to be visible.)

I agree this behavior is ridiculously unclear. If you click a “Watch It” button (to add a system to your Watch List) it should immediately become visible, by default, on your Dashboard. Indeed, that behavior does currently happen when you click Watch It from the dashboard page itself, but I think it does not necessarily happen when you click “Watch It” from outside of the dashboard page. (Which is why it would be helpful to be if you can remember where and how you actually added that particular system to the watch list.)

I’ll fix this behavior now, and will report here when done.

Here’s the screen shot showing you how to make a system visible:

~5 minutes later:

I just tested C2 behavior, and it actually works properly. If you go to a system page, for example, and click “WATCH IT” the system does appear on your dashboard instantly. (And stays on your dashboard.)

So I guess I really need to understand exactly what steps you took when you say:

I can add some systems to the watch list and they show up once on the dashboard. However, once I leave and then come back, they have been removed.

Exactly how do you “add some systems to the watch list?” Please give me specific step-by-step instructions as to what you are doing, so that I can fix the problem. If you feel more comfortable sending via email, just send to

Thanks, Huck.


Huck and Matthew,

I have the same problems and have finally had to revert back to old dashboard. On the new dashboard, using the gear icon, as soon as I clicked on the check box for either Daily Miner or Day Trade Emini they would disappear. Also, some of my subscribed systems will not display current positions. I have had to re-build my watch list almost daily, especially if switching back and for between the new and old dashboards. If I use the large boxes on the new dashboard to select strategies to display not all systems will show and some will disappear. Using Chrome 39.0.2171.99m.


I lost all my systems in the watchlist. Please restore them again.

Matthew, for some systems it works properly. However, when I go to the system page for DAY TRADE emini and click “WATCH IT” the system does not appear on my dashboard instantly. I then go to the gear and the Hide/Show individual strategies. The box for DAY TRADE emini is unchecked, so I check it and immediately the box and the system name disappears completely from the other systems shown in the Hide/Show individual strategies displayed. At the same time though, the system is now properly displayed on the dashboard. When I leave the dashboard and then come back this system is no longer there.

I confirm that something is going not as planned with new Dashboard. I’ve added 4 systems to watch list using Watchlist button at system pages. One of the systems didn’t appear on Dashboard. I went to Gear icon menu and noticed 4 systems: 3 shown at Dashboard with marks in front of them, and no mark was in front of hidden system. I’ve marked that system, it disappeared from Gear icon menu, and appeared at Dashboard. Then I reloaded Dashboard, and that system finally disappeared.

I will be releasing a new version of the Dashboard later tonight (or first thing Friday) that will fix the Watch List problems. Hang on please.

How do I get systems off of my hide/show list. On the dashboard in the Strategy Matrix I have checked the X delete button and there off the matrix. I have gone to the system’s homepage and unchecked the watch list, but it still remains in the hide/show individual strategies. Since I have been playing around with the Strategy Matrix trying to figure out its logic I have arbitrarily included in the hide/show area many I would like to remove from it and have not been able to do so.

I finally see how to do things.