New Dashboard Update

This morning we released the latest version of the Collective2 Dashboard.

I believe the issues with Watch Lists have been resolved.

You’ll notice, too, that there is a new section on your Dashboard: “Your Watch List.”

This allows you to move strategies back and forth easily between your Watch List and the Matrix (the area at the top of the Dashboard where you can monitor all trades, either in your broker account or your Model Account, in real time).

While I’m pretty optimistic this major update fixes most of the problems that have been reported, it’s always possible I’ve missed something. So, please keep the feedback and bug reports coming, so that we can continue moving toward full-time use of the new Dashboard page.

Thanks for all your helpful support so far.



This appears to have improved the function significantly, however, my system Daily Miner will not update in the Open P/L and indicates $0. I am sending a screenshot to the C2 help desk.


Some of the quotes on the new dashboard are still off. I can give a specific example if you need it.


This is strange: when I open the new dashboard the correct numbers for subscribed and watched systems momentarily and correctly appear in the Open P/L column and in the Today P/L column. Then, Poof! the numbers disappear and the Open P/L column has the numbers that should be in the Today P/L column and the Today P/L column is void of numbers.


Ok, Corey: Fixed!

Check it out now.


Aha, nice! Works perfectly, thanks Matthew.

I think in the new dashboard you should change the use of the columns, you should use the same column for Today PL of the system and for the single position, right now, you use Open P/L in system column and the same column as Today P/L for a single position as one stock of the system, that its very confusing, because its totally different if you see a system or a single position. I dont know if i explain good. :confused:

Other issue is with google chrome, at least for me its not running the chose of personalization when start the new dashboard, and i can only choose “not now” to can use it.

But for my opinion the old its more usable and i would prefer dont adapt to new layout

Can you send a screenshot showing what you mean by this last point, ANevado? (I agree with the column placement issue and will try to fix that in the near future.)

Im sending to email the screenshot. I see other issue, if i check see my positions as my autotrading broker, i see all with 0 positions because i dont use gen3, then i only have the option of strategy model account, i think will be good if we use gen1, we could use this option too, its only in stock system make a multiplication. I dont know why always gen1 is so banned in everything, if the sucription price we paid the same.

And its not possible to have the option to delete the trading circle? Its 1/3 of my screen, and in the laptop this is small, its a good feature but for example i dont use it and i cant spend time on that, and id prefer dont have it, and see my full screen my trades, the same for popular stretegies, id like to personalized my dashboard, dont have 2/3 of my dashboard with things that i never use, and for what i use, have a big scroll roll.

Sorry for my bad english.

I totally agree with the trading circle comment. I even use it now and still it takes up too much valuable screen space on small devices. Why force this on people? Keep it on as default but allow individuals to remove it.

Anyone using Collective2 feed at all? Why do we need it on dashboard?

Hi, Yury: You can remove it. Just click the gear icon (upper right corner) and then “Hide or Show Dashboard Areas.” Hide the things you don’t want to see (such as the C2 Feed).