Welcome to "FX track record"

Good afternoon everyone,

You may be interested in my strategy launch.

I am new to this website, but my trading methodology certainly isn’t.

I’ve traded these markets for over 15 years and if I can assist anyone without having to pay astronomical broker/managed account fees- I am happy too.

If you are looking to employ my strategy message me beforehand in regards to risk modelling to suit you and how to build the day 1 portfolio before daily amendments.

Good luck everyone.


All sounds good on paper, but your drawdown is 2 times your return. Not to mention, you are currently NOT beating the S&P 500—how do you explain this?



Thanks for the message.

I wouldn’t expect a drawdown to be twice as high as a return over an extended period of trading.

If it was- it would in my opinion be a poor strategy.

Right now- things have obviously changed since your message but to be honest- we’re still looking in too short of a time period.

As a trader I aim to make yearly yield for my client. Does that mean we will be up every month and quarter? No.

We are trend followers and the nature of trend following is sometimes you will be wrong. We accept that. We’re not day traders or scalpers.

Having said that- judged over an extended period of time- I would expect this strategy to deliver and I believe it will become very popular on c2.