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I have been trading stocks, futures and Forex since past 11 years. I use elliott waves and fibonacci sequences to plan my trades (for entry and exit for forex, and for stocks I also evaluate the financials of a stock before entering any trade). Elliott waves to spot the market trend and momentum and fibonacci to tune the timing and price action for entry and exit of my trades.
I will always open trades with pre-determined Stop loss and take profit levels as I like to have a plan before I enter a trade (in case if the trade goes the way not expected so stop loss can protect the capital).
I do not open multiple trades in the same currency pair or same stock and options as I want quality trades rather quantity as I feel opening more than 1 trade in any instrument at a given time point is counter productive. As my analysis is based on the momentum and trend of the instrument and then take a position (either long or short in that instrument).

Please try the simulation and see results and decide if the strategy actually suits your style of investment.


Your system made $195 in less than 24h, that’s a good start.
Keep up the good work.

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