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Welcome to US POSTURE strategy, investor or trader


Welcome to my strategy, investor or trader. My goal is to try to answer this question "What is the US market doing?”, and act appropriately. I am talking about a trend-following methodology. This approach is not perfect, but it is rational because it respond to what prices are doing, not what we think they ought to be doing. To do this, I analyze and evaluate different things before making the decision, for example market trend indicators, economic indicators, sentiment surveys and seasonal patterns. About time duration I look at different time frames, small, medium and large, because each one depends on the other. In 90% of the time, I remain calm and follow the bigger trend off the larger time frame. There is also a second goal, which is getting the maximum return on investment with the lowest possible maximum drawdown. To do this, I avoid taking large positions. Of course these are goals only. No performance can be guaranteed. Generally, these are intermediate-term investments (weeks to months), but I also can do short-term trades. Good luck and good trading!



I’m not sure to understand; the strategy started on 1/21/2016 but it has only 6 trades? Or 6 trades are only the autotrade ones or…? :? I’, not sure if I’m understanding the C2 user interface correctly, I thought that all the trades would appear in the strategy page


The strategy uses over 40% (sometimes over 60%) of its assets and buys a 3x levered index ETF. Effectively betting more than the total account on each trade. It’s a diversified index, I get it, but just be straight that the strategy is 100% invested when you make a trade.

You are also holding these levered ETFs for extended periods of time. Mathematically speaking this is a poor choice unless you are consistently right, as any significant whipsaw and volatility will likely degrade your returns from what you’d expect from a 3x levered product.


Only 6 trades since 1/21/2016 is correct.


I do not promise results but I have experience and I am informed about the 3x levered ETFS.


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This was a result of my previous strategy:

I now have a new strategy:


Why no Do not have confidence in your own system that is worth $19 a month?


$69 a month.

I have sufficient confidence.
I had the US POSTURE strategy for 3 years and now I have the MARKET POSTURE strategy.


Very interesting your strategy, especially for the results of 2018. It is very difficult to obtain that performance, especially with such a low number of trades. Congratulations.


Thank you GonzaloLoayza2.
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