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This is a strategy you can refer to and you need to look at. This strategy is helpful regardless your capital size. Once you follow it, you may learn a lot of things through it and you cannot leave it. You have 8 days free trial to get a sense about it!

This is a neutral strategy regardless the bullish or bearish of the market.
30-35 trades weekly. The risk is quantitatively calculated and controlled.

Here is a coupon code for the ones who are interested: UGMN27689. The fee goes down from 60$ per month to 30$ with the coupon.
Expire on Jan 30, 2017.

Questions? Please ask. Thanks!

Here is more about this strategy:

This strategy trades both options and stocks.
This strategy covers about 2000 stocks and ETFs.
This strategy is a self-learning system.
This strategy does not trade FOREX.

Expect to see new high. As the USD goes stronger. Looking forward to see gold goes down!

I am struggling with your assertion that this strategy is neutral, and helpful to subs regardless of their capital size. What I see is that you were down 50% on your very first trade. Then, on a base of around $50,000, you took on a short position in UVXY for 18,850 shares at $14.50 each. That means you levered up to $273,000 in short exposure. When you consider that UVXY is double-levered, you were taking on over $500,000 in short exposure in a volatile sector. A modest overnight move in the wrong direction would have wiped you and your subs off the map. Why is this such a great strategy again?

That is theoretically possible. If the SP500 goes to zero everyone is wiped out. No doubt about it. However, the greatness of this system is that it is self-correction system i.e. it is fault tolerant.

A 10% upward move in UVXY, which happens all the time, would have wiped you out. That is considerably different than the S&P 500 going to 0.

The numbers you are seeing is not the original number. The system has been rescaled. I definitely agree the UVXY is very high risk. The huge drag-down was partly because I was not aware of the margin allowance of C2. Fortunately, I picked it up very quick.

Looking forward to a new high with 2.5% return this week!

Very soon, this system will be one of the top 5 strategies on C2.

Looking forward to have ~2.2% return this week.

Robert - Since you don’t have a time machine and cannot predict the markets nor how well your strategy will perform, let me ask you to stop posting these kind of messages on the forums. When your strategy has the performance statistics you hope for (and which I wish for you), then a message like this may not be out of place.

I’m going to close this thread for now.

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