What broker is the cheapest with Collective2?

I would like to inquire about the pricing of the various possibilities to route order via Collective2.

The OpenECry prices I can contribute myself: The order chain Collective2 - OpenECry costs 7.58$ per roundturn, which I find rather expensive. This breaks down into 0.50 c OpenEcry fee, 0.15 c OpenEcry fee for using the API, 1,99 $ fee to Collective2, 1.15 exchange fees (all per trade)

With Interactive brokers, a roundturn in the ES costs 4.70$. If one uses Trade68 as bridging software, this is for free.

The unknown component is: How much do Collective 2 charge on top for trades routed to Interactive brokers?


Roland Giebitz

The additional cost is zero.

More specifically, there is no AutoTrade fee for Gen1 AutoTrading.

By the way, OpenECry does have a volume discount on the AutoTrade execution fee for those customers that trade above a certain minimum quantity per month. The discount is applied automatically. You do not need to specifically ask for it.