Real costs

I have investigated the ER2 Killer System and I would like to see a curve with the performance after the whole costs. The commission is only a small part of the whole costs with auto trading. I would like to choose auto trading and I have found the cheapest one is openecry. Open E Cry charges its normal commission for each trade. In addition there is a $1.99 fee (charged by Collective2) for each contract/side that is executed through AutoTrading.

The costs per side are Commission $1.2 + Exchange Fees $1.14 + NFA Fee $0.01 + Collective2 fee $1.99 (sum $4.34 per side). The costs of the System are $599 per month. The system has ~100 trades per month with two contracts. The costs per trade are $3.

The whole costs per RT are 2*4.34+3= $11.68 .

I have seen P/L per unit is 23.66. But the real win per trade is only 50% (23.66-11.68= $11.98).

I as a customer would like to have a possibility to compare systems with real costs.