Strategies views deleted

the Strategies views of the firsts days of my stratagies were deleted. what happened?? weren’t they real?? A programming bug??

can you give example??


I had many more visit the first days.

Are you from support?? I would like to inform you some mistakes and disorganization shown in Strategy Statistics. I tried to inform about this in another post, but I didnt expressed correctly.

C2 statistics have many errors. I have sent many private emails to C2, indicating some of these problems. However, I have not seen any progress. In recent weeks, the Dashboard is registering wrong data in “Today P / L Change%” for my three strategies. Despite my repeated communications, the problem has not been fixed. It’s very frustrating!

I still believe this is the best option to get an audited track record.
Too expensive. Too buggy. Really bad trading interface. Many things to improve.

I believe it must focus I getting the real best traders and “sell” them to invesment banks or hedge funds. Just like a soccer player.

Is not easy for someone to be a follower also. In my opinion, Oanda and Interactive Brokers and the only trustworthy brokers.

Thanks for the suggestions, JFlores.