What Happened To The Website?

I have been away from C2 for almost a year.
My question is why has the website totally change?
When I log in I can’t find the most popular strategies any more, I can’t even access the grid. What is going on? How are the subscribers here suppose to find my strategy now. Why has every thing change?
Did something happen to C2 while I was gone to make them totally revamp the whole site? Please help me understand?

On the home page , near the top left you will see C2 symbol and little arrow to the right. Click on the arrow and the menu will expand. Make sure you view as investor and not a leader. You will see discover strategies.

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Welcome back, all the systems went broke, there is nothing good to follow anymore.


Yes, sounds like you are in trade leader view.

Thanks Biks. I will look into that.

TT40 - Too funny! Lol.

Hello @PJTraderStrategies

@TT40 is not joking. On February 5th after the market crashed, there was a ton of systems that lost ridiculous amounts of money. $30,000. $50,000. All in one day. So the “top” strategies you remember did bust all in one day. It was sad as the only people to really lose their shirt were the investors. There’s a few threads on this forum you can look up around that time that highlight these strategies. Probably strategies that you remember. What’s worse is some of these investors were scaling at X times this. So the loss was in multiples.

Good day