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What happens to "Just Forex Trade"?


what happened to Just forex trade please?


You mean this sytem?


yes it has been top of the 6-week popularity chart… what happened…?


30% drop ,from 65k to 51k probably makes subs wonder …


24.4% drop, lets go keep numbers where they are and not adding your own colors. And if you want to round it, round to 20%.


You buy a stock at $10 at the beginning of January, it goes up to $100 (let’s say in June) and then closes at $20 at the end of the year.

For you the trader/investor, is that a 80% drawdown ($100 to $20) or a fabulous 100% return on investment ($10 to $20)? :wink:


Apple and oranges. Strategy DD is 24.4%. Investors…some are smarter and made money, some are dumpier and lost money. Should we talk about each of them or just about dumbest one?

And why to talk about investors at all?


That “Just Forex Trades” gentleman turned 20K into 60K in two years, while still keeping the drawdown under 25%.

In other words he tripled investors money with (more than) reasonable risk!

Seriously, where is the problem here?


Not sure who you are talking to Marekj, next time please just use the “Quote” feature (just highlight the message and hit the reply key).


Sorry, I think I misunderstood you. I will delete my previous post.


No problem, these things happen.


Just yesterday I could not find it on the grid, it reappears today… thanks


You are welcome.

Next time just bookmark any C2 trading system you want, no need to use the Grid if you don’t have to.