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What is Simulation?

What does it mean when someone has “started simulation”.



Hello @B48ES

They are replicating your results in a SIM (pretend) account without seeing your signals or open positions. Once your results post after a position is closed, that information is available for anyone to see. They are replicating those public results. They don’t have access to any open positions you may have. They don’t have access to system broadcasts you send out. They don’t have access to your pending orders. The only thing they see are the results AFTER the position is closed.

Investors may SIM for different reasons. They may want to see how several strategies work together before committing any funds to trade those strategies.

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I prefer to put strategies I am interested in on different watch lists. For me simulation offers no advantage.

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Same here, I find simulation useless. It’s a shame C2 took away free trials, simulation gives me no idea if a system is really workable for me, especially since I manually trade.

I find SIM feature useful to some extent. With SIM, I get to see the details of curent positions as well as positions that has been closed recently that we don’t get to see in the startegy details page due to the delayed information asked by the system developer. I get to see these under “P/L Report” just not on the startegy details page.

However, I feel if I am able to see these on the “P/L Report” page then these should be visible on the strategy details page as well.

thanks for the reply all. So if you are simulating a strategy you get the trade signal in real time?



No, we do not get trade signals in real time in sim mode.

Do sims get to see targets and stops in real time?



they get no signals. can only see your closed trades. otherwise defeat the purpose of subscribing

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Thanks for that, getting quite a few questions about the simulation mode and not sure how to answer.

regards B48ES

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