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What exactly, or what does the simulation account show one beyond the regular closed trades seen on a system’s page? Should one be able to garner more knowledge from a simulation account that provides no extra information? I know that I have to be missing the point because it seems that many people have these new accounts opened. Thanks.


I find them fairly useless. Plus, they show up under my Subscriptions with a Next Charge Date and Amount set which makes me uncomfortable. I have not been charged but I can imagine a C2 glitch one day where that actually happens so I turned them off.

I trade manually (a breed being killed off on C2) so I need to see if I can trade a system before I subscribe, Without the individual trade signals this is impossible. I can only hope developers are able and choose to offer coupons for free trials since that option is no longer available the old way. The problem with that is I believe the coupons are for a month and most developers wouldn’t want to offer that long a trial. I only need a few days.

Hi VG2,

I was also confused by the introduction of the Sim Account but from the standpoint of a strategy developer. I just was wondering that a subscriber was listed for more than the 14 days trial period in my strategy Regular Income ( So I asked C2 why the user didn’t get charged. They explained me that this user is only SIMing my strategy which is not the same as a subscription.
So I asked what’s the difference between SIM trading and subscription. The answer is only with subscription you can see the open positions of a strategy instead of the closed positions only.
That’s why I will still offer the 14 days trial period for new subscribers, because from my point of view it’s just fair to them.


Thanks, Heiko. I looked at your system and there is no button for a free trial on it, just the “Simulate This” button. Are you able to offer a coupon for a free trial shorter than one month? (I don’t need one, don’t trade options).

Thanks for checking this. I just looked at the manage my strategy page. There I see 14 days trial. I don’t know why C2 doesn’t show this to users anymore.
But anyway it is considered by C2 when subscribing. I checked my subscribers list and one subscribed on 09/12/17 and he’ll get charged the first time on 09/26/17, right after the 14 days have passed.

Over the long term, we plan to remove the traditional free-trial periods you are describing. (We’ll be moving instead to the new one-click Simulations that are featured on the new version of C2.)

That stinks.

Trying to be succinct but I need to type twenty characters for this to post.

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I have a suggestion regarding simulations. As it is now, anyway can simulate any number of trading strategies for however long they want to. What I believe will end up happening is that hundreds of people will be perpetually simulating thousands of strategies without ever subscribing to any.

I suggest that you put a time limit for someone to simulate a strategy of about 30-45 days. That way, it will at least create some sort of sense of urgency to subscribe.


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For subscriber should be no “urgency to subscribe”. If the system is good and robust, it will be good and robust after 3 months, or after 6 months, or after a year. And before I subscribe, I want to simulate it as long as I want.


Could you please consider to publish signals issued by the system on the system page? Maybe with certain delays (like trades), say for last month or last 20 signals. This will help to understand if the system can be traded manually or auto-trader is necessary.

Andrey, this will not be possible without giving out Information about current open positions which are only accessible for paying subscribers.

But since C2 has a message system you can easily ask the developer if it is suitable for manual trading.

@Aaa123 I am talking about signals for already closed positions. This info is available for anybody via API. It will be useful to have it shown for non-programmers in the same way as list of closed trades.