Whats better a new signal or change an old one

Can somebody give me some feed back. I would like to introduce a new signal. I am not sure what would be better for my rating. Should I change an existing signal that is not doing well. Or cancel it and start a new signal that I am sure would perform better? Any feed back would be welcome. Thanks

Yes. Stop worrying about the rating. It is just decoration. Focus on trading. The rating is not that important.

Is your goal to be a circus pony or a successful trader?

Mathew if you have a second I would be gratefull if you would chime in on this. Thanks

Read the "Rating" page http://www.collective2.com/cgi-perl/admin.mpl?want=c2rating&session=42374274273483414928026554642111611

But again, you are worrying about whether or not dumping a glass of water into the ocean will cause it to overflow. i.e., it is irrelevant.

This is feedback. You are wandering in the direction of "circus pony."

Better for me personally is that you start another dozen or so systems, and pay the listing fee for each.

But I suspect that was not what you were asking.

Honest, it’s a hard question to answer. It depends on what your current track record looks like. If you are starting a new trading methodology, then it’s better to begin a new system. Then you don’t have to keep explaining to potential subscribers things like: “It’s true I had a massive drawdown in June, but that was back before I introduced my new method.” That conversation will grow old very fast, and you’ll wish you had started a new system.

On the other hand, you don’t gain much statistically from just starting another system if your old one fails. That is because C2 factors together your overall trading results – of all systems – when calculating rankings.

In summary: Start a new system if you will benefit from a marketing / sales perspective (i.e. no need to “explain away” very different results that occur early in the trade history). But if that’s not an issue, then save a few bucks and keep using the old system.