Examining Track Records

Hot Indexes is another one that I examined along with Magic Trade and Futures Trader Daily. By placing the trades on the charts and then seeing what indicators come to light, there is much to be learned.


Do you not already know that everyone can see your exact trades? This is very easy to do on C2. By taking the list of trades in the CSV file that is provided by C2 one can process them. This is very helpful in understanding the system and knowing what indicators come into play when a signal is given.

Are you saying you can reverse engineer a system’s logic for taking trades by examing them in hindsight from a spreadsheet and them copy them in realtime? I don’t believe that, but I’d be open minded to see it. Feel free to crack Eurex Dragon.

The first part of your thought…Are you saying you can reverse engineer a system’s logic for taking trades by examing them in hindsight from a spreadsheet…This technology has been around for over 5 years. Now the computers are faster and this makes it more practical.

The technology may be around but who has access to it and at what cost? I would say the most simple algorithm that makes money can’t be cracked 100% at a reasonable cost. If anyone can prove me wrong, please step up.

The technology does indeed exist but what’s the point ? Why not just use the same technique to derive a new strategy that’s better than the one you are trying to reverse engineer ?

Also machine learning is as much an art as it is a science so although you might come up with something that appears to be an accurate model of the system that you are trying to copy based on historic trades it may deviate going forward. Why not just pay the subscription and offload that responsibility to the signal provider ?

I’d be more concerned about a signal provider subscribing to my system (and others) and then re-issuing my signals (or aggregated signals) as his own a minute or two later.

Aggregated systems are encouraged.

C2 encourages subscribing to the systems here and using them as part of a hedge fund. It is common for a fund of funds (various systems) to market itself. What they are selling is their ability to select what systems go into their product, to give it the proper balance. Next time you are looking at a system on C2 what it says in the lower right hand corner.

This can result in some interesting phone calls to the developer with offers to leave C2 and direct his or her talents to a fund of fund.

Thanks, Mr.Marks. Where do you get your information?

Thanks again for your explanation, Mr.Marks.Yet, where do you get this information from? Is it objective?

Build a portfolio

You can create your own personal hedge fund by AutoTrading several systems at once in your brokerage account.

To help you get started, we’ve scanned our database to find systems that you can AutoTrade in the same brokerage account as Enchante - but which have a low correlation to that system. (According to Modern Portfolio Theory, you’ll want to build your personal hedge fund using a collection of systems that are not correlated to each othe r- that is, do not tend to move in the same direction at the same time.)

To begin using our Portfolio Builder, drag one of the charts below below onto the big chart on this page.

Dear Mr.Marks,

Thanks for your explanation again. Certainly, I can read C2 instructions.

My question is about your sources of information regarding hedge funds, reverse system engineering, technology, etc.