Where are those 57,000 strategies

Hi All:

The login page says there are 57,000 strategies available for me to choose.

When I go to Grid and clear all the filters, this is what I am seeing:
SYSTEM 1 TO 12 OF 581 FROM 727
This tells me I am only searching from 727 in the system; of which only 581 are active.

Does anyone else here have access to the complete catalog? If you go to the grid and clear all the filters, On the upper right side of the header, you will see the count of strategies that you can search from.

I am curious if you guys see a different number of strategies.

581 and 57000 are so different, I cannot dismiss this as a rounding error.

Thanks guys

Hi, Franciso:

57,000 strategies have been created on C2.

Most are quite, quite terrible.

We do not bother to show you these.

Now, you could look at this as a flaw… or you could look at it as an advantage.

My feeling is: this is good. It means that we have weeded out much of the crap, so that you don’t have to.

(Although, to be fair, there’s still a lot of crap on C2, even among the stuff we do show you. But then again, there is a lot of crap everywhere in the world of finance – including hedge funds, mutual funds, CTAs, private equity firms, prop traders, etc…)


In addition to what Matthew said, it is also worth considering the vast number of “dead” investment funds. The situation mirrors c2 to some extent, and is prone to huge survivorship biases…

However, in the ideal world, it would be nice to have access to the full list, if one wanted to dig down into the data… One advantage c2 has over the “standard” industry is that this data is (in theory at least) actually available. What does the “Explorer” cover? Would c2 consider making this data available?

Also, how many of these 57,000 strategies actually paid a listing fee? There is obviously going to be a huge difference between these two groups - in many ways, only the performance metrics of the paid-up strategies are of any real interest. Unpaid strategies are mostly just people “playing around”.


@MatthewKlein , @JamesFrazer

Thank you both for your feedback.
After Matt’s comment, I figured I needed to some homework.
I recognized the survival bias pretty early when I searched for strategies using the grid. Given the relatively short history for the successful strategies, I thought I needed to dig a little deeper. Luckily C2 provides the trade logs for each one of these strategies. So I downloaded a handful of them into excel to understand them a little better.

If appropriate, I will share my thoughts.