Where do I find "System Details"?

This from your website:

"Every system on Collective2 has a unique identification number associated with it. This is visible to the system owners when they visit their ‘System Details’ page on Collective2 shown below."

Sorry to be a knucklehead, but I’ve been searching for this “System Details” page, and to no avail. Would you please provide idiot-proof instructions on how to find it? Thanks…

Baffling, I’ve been in search of “System Details” for at least 30 minutes. Why is this so-well hidden??? Oy…

It’s really not that hard…

1. Log in to your account (enter e-mail address and password).

2. Locate the area “My Systems” on the screen that appears–there’s a table with column headings: System, Open, Total, Annual, Subs.

3. Click on the magnifier glass in this table.

4. A screen will open with a heading “System Details”, followed by the name of your system and its identification number within brackets.

Thanks so much....but -- my heavens! -- turns out there's a secret magnifying glass to click, without any apparent clue that this particular icon is the gateway to "system details"? Perhaps that might be rectfied? Sure would like to have the last 30 minutes back...

You’re welcome. For most vendors, navigating the site is the easy part, making profitable trades turns out to be a lot harder…

Typical. Just when you think you’ve made something idiot-proof they come up with a better idiot.

Ok, genius -- Explain why they use a hyperlinked icon for "System Details" when every other hyperlink is labeled with a self-explanatory word.

C'mon, dazzle me!

I didn’t design the site so I couldn’t possibly explain why, but I do know that if you move your mouse to the magnifying glass you get a small floating window saying “details” presumably in case anyone intuitively challenged fails to realise that a magnifying glass is what you might use to look at something more closely.

Besides, your question implies you don’t think a magnifying glass is self-explanatory, I’m intrigued what else would it signify to you?

THAT intrigues you? You're easily intrigued. As for me, I'm rather bored by this discussion.

But congratulations, anyway --- you're the first person I've placed on my "ignore" list.

On the contrary, I would say your not understanding what the symbol meant is extremely rare, I’m fairly sure in the year I’ve been on here you are the first to raise the issue, so that is intriguing.

Anyway I can only assume as you’ve offered no explanation my original post was a fair and accurate appraisal of the situation. Best of luck with your system.

Actually, Trend Fader is not the first person to have this problem, nor the first to be confused by the inconsistency of the user interface (text links versus magnifying-glass icon). I have been meaning to make that more clear and obvious. I’ll see what I can do…

I stand corrected. Wow, that’s scary. And these people get to vote and have children, that’s even scarier.

Just to be clear: I meant to say the fault lies with C2’s user interface, not Trend Fader.

That’s very noble of you but it seems no matter how much you simplify things someone always manages to get under the bar. Trying to cater to the lowest common denominator is a thankless task.

"I stand corrected. Wow, that’s scary. And these people get to vote and have children, that’s even scarier."

Can’t help it, I have to say it. "Just look around you…seems like those are the ONLY ones that vote! "

I agree… so perhaps, in an effort to raise the bar, the first thing we should do is discourage others from responding to people like you.