Where is the trade?

Please, can you tell me where is the trade for moonlight eurusd?

There was a long trade with 1.2795 opening price, 1.2731 stop loss and 1.2815 target price…now the trade is disappeared.

If my subscribers are trade with autotrade whats it appens?

Now the future eurusd is 1.2819 and my target is 1.2815, I advice my subscribers with broadcast message but I can’t insert the trade manually.

Your C2 systems refuses the renew for stop loss and take profit orders at the open of the market…all day.

Best regards

Giacomo Astrologo

Let’s take this conversation off line and conduct it via email. I will contact you now.


I have no problem to take this conversation off-line but please…answer to my email.

I’m write to you in 11/07/06 and I’m still wait your answer

Please contact me by e-mail thanks.

Best regards

Giacomo Astrologo