Where are the trades?

Hi Matthew, how are you? today my system galaxy had two positions open and in c2 is all right, but after few minutes the trades aren’t there but the filled yes, my system made target but… so where are the trades of @sf and @ec?. I have another problem becuse I need to place a stop loss on the system but c2 don’t accept the order because the trades is disappared.

Can you help me?

Best regards

Giacomo Astrologo

Giacomo -

What happened is that you had a couple of very old, still-pending orders lying around, which were never canceled. So as soon as you opened your positions, they were closed by these stop orders.

I have cleaned up the trades. It’s important that you keep an eye on your system and cancel all open pending orders that remain longer than you would like.

This is expecially the case when you use the TradeStation interface, because there are lots of reasons TradeStation can fail to send cancel notifications - including that you simply turn your TradeStation computer off at the end of the day, before the cancels can be sent to C2!